Nov 25, 2016

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Technology- An Overview

7Over the years, changes were evident and one can really say that these are bringing good effects to our individual lives. Technology for one is one of them. The changes and improvements of technology has been evolving even in the earlier years. Don’t forget about the spears as well as the knives they were using in catching the animals they are going to have as food. After so many years, these tools has advanced tremendously. It actually sky rocketed in the 20th century and with these changes, life became much easier.

8Because of necessities, people started to create new tools to make their lives better. Each day, a new invention is created and then another and another! Some are enabling people to do simple things in a faster way while some major advancements greatly helps human-kind in a much greater way. There are new technological innovations that are useful with the lives of ordinary individuals and these are what most homes have. Those innovative inventions has led to a more productive lives since it can increase the number of work done. Rather than just spears and simple dull knives. There are more ways to prepare the food they want to eat.

9The preparation time is really shortened making them more productive. This means they have more time to do other things. This is why technological innovation is greatly welcomed because of the benefits people gain. More areas are explored and newer things are introduced to the public. It use to be that people need to consume food right away or else they will be eating rotten ones but these days, it lasts longer. This means, you can save more since you can slowly consume them. Budgeting is much easier because of these technological innovations and thankfully, there are more to come.